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Austin, TX is the site for the Texas Society of Health-System Pharmacists’ 2013 Annual  Seminar, April 26-28. This meeting provides an opportunity for seminar registrants to submit and display original scholarly work in poster format in the following seven categories:

  • Resident/Fellow/Post-Graduate includes posters submitted by pharmacists enrolled in a post-graduate residency, fellowship or other post-graduate educational programs. The category is divided into two sub-groups: PGY1 and PGY2.
  • Student incorporates posters submitted by students enrolled in pharmacy academic programs.
  • Technician posters are those submitted by practicing pharmacy technicians and technician students.
  • Practitioner posters are submitted by registered pharmacists in one of three  categories:
  • Administrative/Practice Management is related to professional practice management issues and leadership.
  • Clinical is related to patient care delivery, therapy and outcomes.
  • Education is related to patient, healthcare practitioner and community education and/or educational planning, development and conduct for professional practice.

Posters will be displayed during the Seminar, from Friday afternoon through mid-day Saturday. Presenters will be available on Saturday, April 27 from 12:45 PM to 1:45 PM to discuss their research. Primary authors in each of the poster categories who comply with the requirements will be eligible to win a $250 award and a recognition certificate from the TSHP Research and Education Foundation. Winners will be recognized at the Installation Luncheon on Sunday, April 28, in the TSHP Journal and the 2013 TSHP Research and Education Foundation Annual Report.

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Important Deadlines



Call for Posters January 31, 2013
Submission Deadline March 15, 2013
Poster Judging March 31, 2013
Set-up of Posters April 26, 2013 by 3 PM
Poster Session April 26 – 27, 2013
Poster Removal April 27, 2013 by 4 PM

General Requirements

  1. The primary author must be a paid annual seminar registrant, at a minimum, on poster presentation day.
  2. All listed presenters must be registered for at least the day of poster display (TBA). One author on the poster must be available for consultation and a seminar badge must be worn during the official poster presentation.
  3. TSHP members will have priority for consideration should the number of abstracts submitted and approved exceed the seminar display space capacity.
  4. The author(s) must comply with the submission information, abstract and poster requirements to be eligible for the award.
    • Abstract and posters previously submitted at other conferences such as the ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting are not eligible for the award. However, they may be displayed during the seminar if requirements have been followed and space is available. If previously submitted to other conferences and information has been revised, the abstract and poster will be considered eligible for the award.
    • The 2013 Alcalde presentations are eligible for the award if requirements have been met and the information has not been previously submitted to another conference.
    • If the submission information reflects the poster was previously submitted to another professional meeting and the poster contains new information, the previous conference poster must be e-mailed to TSHP with the submission information and abstract if the poster is to be considered eligible for the award.
  5. The Poster Review Committee, in collaboration with the primary author, reserves the right to determine the final poster category. Posters submitted by residents, fellows, post-graduates, students and technicians will be considered in their respective category, regardless of the topic. The practitioner category is divided into four subcategories based upon information provided.
  6. Submission Information, abstract and poster must be submitted in accordance with requirements.
  7. Expenses (including travel and registration) associated with participation in the poster competition are the sole responsibility of the participant.
  8. The Poster Review Committee in collaboration with the TSHP R&E Foundation reserves the right to modify requirements as necessary.
  9. Space permitting, posters not eligible for judging and the competition may be displayed.

Submission Information & Abstract Requirements

  1. Posters and abstracts must be completed and submitted no later than March 15, 2013 for the poster to be considered. New submissions or edits to previously submitted documents will not be accepted after this time. The Foundation will begin accepting requests on January 31, 2013.
  2. To submit, login at the TSHP Member Portal (Member Login on the TSHP website,, go to the “Forms & Applications” link in the lower, right-hand corner; click “View Open Forms & Applications,” and click the “View” – TSHP Poster Form.
  3. You can “save as draft” if you wish to add information prior to submission.
  4. You will receive a confirmation of the submission by e-mail. The applicant is responsible for assuring the submission information and the abstract comply with the requirements.
  5. Abstracts will be reviewed by the Poster Review Committee to determine if the subject matter is appropriate for display at the seminar.
  6. TSHP will notify the applicant by e-mail of acceptance and provide additional information related to the poster display requirements.
  7. The information you provide on author(s) is utilized by the Poster Review Committee to contact the primary author should abstract clarification be needed to determine the poster category, and for communicating with the primary author pre- and post-seminar.
  8. Abstracts will be reproduced and included in the seminar program. TSHP will not correct mistakes and therefore the applicant should proofread for errors prior to submitting the information. Click here to view an abstract example. Abstract requirements include the following:
    • Left justify all text
    • Do not use tabs, indent or special formatting such as bullets and numbering
    • Do not include graphs, tables or illustrations
    • Background, Objective(s), Methods or Procedures, Results and Conclusion(s) have a maximum word count of 250
    • The following information must be included in the abstract and will be printed in the seminar program:
      • Title of Proposed Poster
      • Primary Author (first & middle initial followed by last name) followed by secondary author(s) (first & middle initial followed by last name) – do not include degrees or certifications
      • Primary author contact information – how seminar registrants may contact you following the seminar
      • Institution, City, State
      • Poster Category
      • Seminar, place and date of previously presented poster
      • (Line Space)
      • Background – brief description of the initial problem or situation including the rationale for the study or report
      • (Line Space)
      • Objective(s) – the purpose and/or the goals intended
      • (Line Space)
      • Method(s) or Procedure(s) – scientific methodology or needs assessment, development, implementation and follow-up
      • (Line Space)
      • Result(s) – summary of results. If research is in progress and not complete, include preliminary results.
      • (Line Space)
      • Conclusion(s) – consistent with objective(s) and result(s). Information should be included as it relates to past, present and future of pharmacy.
      • (Line Space)
      • Disclosure(s) – information for each author should be provided even if the author(s) have nothing to disclose.

Poster Presentation Requirements

  1. The final poster presentation should not differ from the abstract that was submitted and must be in Acrobat Adobe format.
  2. The final poster presentation must be submitted with the application no later than March 15, 2013 for the poster to be eligible for the award. Edits to documents will not be accepted after this time.
  3. The applicant is responsible for assuring the submission information complies with the requirements.
    • Posters will be peer reviewed prior to the seminar based upon the following criteria:
    • Merit of work (methodology, data & information, soundness of conclusions/observations)
    • Originality
    • Significance to pharmacy
    • Quality (presentation format and professional appearance)
  4. Posters must be on display at 3:00 PM on Friday, April 26, 2013 to be eligible for an award.
  5. Posters display must fit into a 4 by 8 foot display board. Each poster board will have four push pins, if you prefer a different hanging method, please bring your own materials.

Poster_FAQ for a list of frequently asked questions.

Click here to view “How to Prepare a Poster.”

Click here to download the example of the required Abstract format.

Click here to review the 2012 poster abstracts.

For additional questions or to confirm verification of receipt of documentation, call TSHP at (800) 242-8747 or e-mail inquiries to

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